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Fruit cake

Is there any use for perfect fruit cake other than eating it for the hp regen? Since exquisite foods can be used to cook other things i feel like perfect should have some sort of other use aswell.

Re: Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

1. Bug fixes 2. Devs consistent communication and respect for player base. 3. Bug fixes 4. Bug fixes Yes! This would be an amazing starting point! I hope they give us any kind of news or communication so we at least know what to expect going forward. I prefer to see the devs work on the things alre...

Re: Small Study: Raw Damage vs. Actual Damage at Constant Resists in PvE

I have a follow up question to resistances. Is it better to have one type of elemental damage gear and jewels? If I have both fire and cold will my damage output be less than if I focus on 1 type? So far it looks like damage reduction is % BASED so it won't make a difference if you have multiple dm...

Re: Small Study: Raw Damage vs. Actual Damage at Constant Resists in PvE

I don't know how to see Robert's data I probably wouldn't have much time to look at it either but I wonder if the formula could be different for physical versus elemental damage. I would love to see what you guys come up with, and any conclusions. I'm down to help a little if I can.

Re: Regen or blood rage bow

Runic Savagery Quiver, Full DL armor, Shadow Blood Rage, 4x Runic Valour, 2x Mighty Str/Dex Attack Prot Bracers, Runic Ammy, Royal Needles Charm, 1,000 STR: 4163 HP 5655 Attack 710 Defense 2997 Damage Same equipment, but substitute Regen bow: 4163 HP 6305 Attack 1110 Defense 3197 Damage In theory t...

Re: Dino skammed us

I can imagine that maybe the group that got locked it was all teleported at the time of kill and since no one was in the range there were no drops? That would be a major fail in the encounter design LOL. I've never seen the entire lock group get TP though so I'm not sure if it resets the lock. It wo...

Re: Best class 2021?

It's hard to compare because people always have different gear but Ive never seen a druid consistently out DPS a mage on BT, Dino or other non chaos mobs. I'd put rangers #1 for reliability and consistency. They have good damage, survivability, and status effects for every mob and boss. Not the best...

Re: I’m new and have a question

Hello, I’ve just joined the forum and was wondering what the «Important item» tag means. Is this the game’s way of saying that the item is used in a quest? My current weapon has the tag, should i refrain from selling it? It’s the ancient short staff, I think you buy it in Stonevale Thanks It's not ...

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