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What is most effecient for lixing 1 and 2* mobs or all 3*

I'm wondering if anyone has a general rule for which is best for solo leveling. I haven't timed myself or anything but it seems like killing a 1 and 2 star mob gives about the same as a 3* but it feels significantly shorter to kill the first two than the third. At least while soloing on my mage. I'v...

Re: Samhein Event!

Yes please do an event like the older ones, and something for everyone more than just extremely long to grind head fashion. I remember they would often add an obtainable novelty item that could be farmed or farm to unlock the tiers and then buy the items. I think the bat masks started in samhein, ba...

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

I would really like the addition of an actual clan bank. It honestly seems almost like new content to me considering how much it could change. I'm sure there's already an in depth thread on it so I'll just highlight some general points. The bank can be accessed anytime by anyone with "clearance...

Re: New Content

The next update is supposed to be bug fixes, quality of life improvements and balancing type things. If they are good improvements I would personally be very happy even with no new content.

Re: Epona Boss Rules query

I might make a separate post for this, but it is about boss rules and gear requirements. I don't see any examples in the rules, but I was recently asked to leave priestess because I didn't have an appropriate offhand. Funny thing was I was waiting for boss and if my clannies had been able to help me...

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