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Re: Apostate bracelet

I would love for them to move away from raid content and make things like trade 50-100k tower crystals (the bounty ones) for 1 apostate. To make it more farmable. Do that for all the rare items and the bounty items to give them more use.

Re: Apostate event

I can’t think of many scenarios I would take 160 elemental damage and 550 ability over 300 elemental damage and 300 stats. Ability matters way less these days when every class can easily hit over 20-25k attack with dg.

Re: any players from 2011

iJoin wrote:
KShater wrote:I’ve taken many long breaks from this game but I am still here. Unfortunately lost many old toons and rare items (and support has ignored me when I’ve tried to recover these old accounts) but I started in December 2011.

Same here... started very early 2011. Name of bandit

Not Arawn Bandit I hope.

Re: Apostate event

...uhh the person who just spent a week collecting 3 apostate braces is the person who could use another apostate brace the least lol. And can we please stop idolizing a single piece of gear and move on with our virtual lives? :lol: its hard when out of nowhere they make a random bracelet that is x...

Re: Clueless VR

Not just that, but they completely ignore the weekends for some insane reason. There’s still plenty of people working during the week and clannies who only have weekends to play get shafted completely. The events could be Monday - Monday rather than Monday - Friday. It would cut back on the number ...

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