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Re: Apostate bracelet

I would love for them to move away from raid content and make things like trade 50-100k tower crystals (the bounty ones) for 1 apostate. To make it more farmable. Do that for all the rare items and the bounty items to give them more use.

Re: Apostate event

I can’t think of many scenarios I would take 160 elemental damage and 550 ability over 300 elemental damage and 300 stats. Ability matters way less these days when every class can easily hit over 20-25k attack with dg.

Re: any players from 2011

iJoin wrote:
KShater wrote:I’ve taken many long breaks from this game but I am still here. Unfortunately lost many old toons and rare items (and support has ignored me when I’ve tried to recover these old accounts) but I started in December 2011.

Same here... started very early 2011. Name of bandit

Not Arawn Bandit I hope.

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