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Re: Lets talk about the Dino raid

So we just killed Dino. It wasn’t fun at all. Not gonna get into details on forums but everyone knows how its done by now. Nerf the entire raid a bit, and fix that bug because it’s clearly not possible to kill dino the “legit” way. Also increase the drops from 3 to 4 or 5 as a compensation. The bos...

Re: Bloodthorn bash bashed Nuada

No raid besides hrung has died on nuada in 2 weeks :) A good fix to the lack of endgame activity is make all bosses killable with 8 players and then make the bosses respawn x10 faster, this would make people be able to form clans and alliances with smaller friend groups rather than forcing players i...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

Having to prepare for endgame content is pretty much a core part of the mmo genre and far from unusual. Most MMOs do not have gear from 6 years ago that is still needed and sought after by end game players. Most MMOs have more content for the core players that does not require 25 characters be pres...

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