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Re: Is it possible?

I have a level 60 in epona with full bloodstrike armour. It has astral quest up to greaves. Is it possible if you can add the astral breastplate for me, because I want to have full astral armour at level 60 too lol First off...wrong forum. This would be better off in Ask for Help or something... Se...

Re: Server kill number 50 of Bloodthorn... still no helmet

Updates periodically take longer and longer. 2011-2012 we saw the endgame boss change from Avatar of Donn to Falgren then the meteoric update it was now deadroot/rockbelly then in 2012 aggy. 4 different EG bosses in one year. Not bad. One year later carrow comes and mord/necro endgame bosses (think ...

Re: New "rank"

To VR or perhaps Tadaaah: Back when I reached 5000 (only unranked member to reach at the time), there was no new title for that post count, only warchief I think which u obtain at 2000 posts. Muldar has added High Chieftain for it. Would u mind to add something new for 10000 posts? Im expecting som...

Re: Huntsman ring value

I use it and it was pretty good but since I quit my tank ages back I don't have any of the newer gele weps or a high tier night helm. Overall I like having the huntsman and prefer it to most other rings. Defence > HP

Re: Dragons Not Created Equal

This was intentional as Poison resistance values are much lower pre-tower, this is balanced out by the DOT effects. However you are correct about the lures, a maxed lure means you will hit harder than the poison damage despite being better at base. This is actually quite bad design when you just co...

Re: Dragon pet

Muldar wrote:1) The tic will not crit, if we were to add this the skill would require a re-balance.

2) Only the initial cast of the skill will have a chance to increase the ability. Ticks on the DoT will not, other skills will not affect this.

Can you speak on the poison being so much weaker.

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