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Re: Everyone HELP!

Everything wrote:Hope you get your stuff back, and hopefully learn not to get scammed again.

Good job not naming and shaming anyone btw, but send a PM to support letting them know who the player is.

I did sent them one, yet the didn't take any action

Everyone HELP!

to every player on the server taranis i have been scammed by a player who hopefully has been banned from the game, The player took most of my jewellers and fashion and I have no idea if he still has them or not but he likely sold them to other players for gold or items, If you bought any of these it...

Re: mailed to the wrong person

Support can’t help give ur stuff back nor can they ban him there insufficient evidence and that mount could of been bought off someone else 100 percent he scammed u but not much really good evidence He did say he mailed the mount and cape to someone else can't support look into the mail system? Plu...

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