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Selling frostroot ring and fashion

Selling: Galar Frostroot Ring 10 Dex, 50 Energy, 30 Physical attack evasion Argent turquiose tower guard charm Ice glow amber frost faerie charm White glenmore wig White glenmore gloves Radiant black wyldwood boots Purple glenmore star dust gloves, boots, top, legs with sparkling dark orchid glenmoe...

Buying Vials and Elixirs

Not sure what are the going prices, but this is what I am offering:
Minor Vials 1k g each
Lesser Vials 1.5k g each
Common Vials 2k g each
Greater Vials 2.5 k g each
Grand Vials 3 k g each
Defense lix 350 g each
Armor lix 350g g each
Energy lix 500 g each

Bloodclaw and Buying Stuff

Anyone want to group to kill Bloodclaw and so on tonight? W/ me in game.

I'm buying a grand or better firestorm ring, blue sparkling glenmore boots and pants and yellow glenmore boots. Maybe blue sparkling glenmore crest. If I can afford the stuff. LOL.

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