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Re: Uoise's sell list

Flemmer wrote:Can I buy lifesteal, black tabs, black remmnants and some frags, IGN is deadlift or blackwires xxx

Ok just checked today I'll contact you within the game

Re: Getting Endgame without plat

So this post is about if you can get to end game without plat and the answer is yes. Although, I do not think Fury did. You may wonder why? Well i have been told by more then 4 people that they have bought from him sure anyone can merch chest, but I was also told he showed a few people he had 1k plu...

Re: How much EXP per lix?

Well I was getting 1-2 levels a lix but I was getting all the mobs in the room to 10% on warrior and kill with mage then log it off and repeat but u should get 2 bars the least but i would do what i did if u can saved me tons of lix

Re: Getting Endgame without plat

Uoise, your lack of respect is baffling to me. Fury has been nothing but nice and genuine with his responses, yet you continue to be rude and arrogant. Fury can level in the tower. He leveled to 190 solo on just xps. Can you do that ? I didn't think so. Remember the tower is simply another leveling...

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