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Re: Necromancer

It's true Balor has had alot of drama in the past and still some players are reluctant to work together. I think the lack of necro kills consists more of the lack of organisation and of course, timezone issues. I strongly believe the people with no issues easily make up the numbers to take down nec...

Re: Small transfer from SUlis

Shazta wrote:Well he can switch world with u. If u need some Cash flow for free me and the moo gang can get u the goods and hook u up on fingal.

He posted on the balor section for a reason, beyond this, the entirety of this thread has turned into players begging him to come to a different server. :lol:

Re: Small transfer from SUlis

ur mordis problem is not the lack of numbers of players, fingal did it with what like 29 and u guys hav double the amount lol Did you pull that magical number out of your anus? We don't even have 29, thanks though https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/1949/3326/8/www.blogcdn.com/massively.joystiq.com/media/2...

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