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SV Boss Timers

Last time I needed the SV bosses, their spawn times were all 60 minutes
Is that still the same now after multiple updates or have they changed?
If so, what are the current spawn times on all the SV bosses?
And if possible, their window times too...

All help is appreciated

Re: Just a few questions

Curry30423 wrote:There's no need for druids here. One druid can heal the whole server, and does. #zyzus2k16

Okay.. But what about when that one druid is not logged in?...
Or what's the most needed class then?

Just a few questions

So I've started messing around with the thought of starting again on Fingal but I have a few questions before I decide to make the move... My number 1 question is about Druids. Because druids are my utmost favourite class, my main would most likely be a druid. Ofcourse this can turn into a problem b...

Hello Balor!! Finally!!

Okay so I've finally bought an android phone... Took me a while to pick because I've always had its but I'm happy with my choice... Anyway I've decided to not go through the hassle of xferring (given its account away) and I'm starting from scratch on android!! I just need a little help with a jump s...

Re: Buying Spells

mysticrpg wrote:I just bought a Galar set, Firestorm, and Fire Attune. No chance I'm seeing 250k for a loooong time. I'll have to farm till the singularity.

Hold on a sec... How much did you get firestorm and attune on this world?

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