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Re: Dino Event

VR: *patches root glitch then releases event* Also VR: “okayyy have fun” Community: https://i.postimg.cc/ZKjLfTHb/C8204242-BF6-E-49-D4-93-AA-7-DD97-B3-D213-A.jpg Accurate. First time? You newbs probably wouldn’t understand but us vets used to it they been releasing broken bosses for years now most ...

Re: End Game Totem Builds

super late reply don't usually read druid forums lol but totem druid without dg works because u dont need any points in dex just str and focus, gear adds so much focus and vit so anymore will just give you a little more damage, you just need some str and some attack gear swaps once you finish castin...

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