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Re: Skill Prices

Bless is normally free-1k lol
Stinging swarm 1-4k
All the wards I've noticed go 5-10k
Spring of life like 5-10kish
Sanctuary 10-20k
I think that's it I can't remember lol

Re: Selling misc. items

Hope u dont mind me posting here, friend. LeL Stinging Swarm - 10k Sacrifice - 3k Explosive Shot Tome - 3k Skewer - 3k Defensive Formation - 5k Frostbite - 4k Greater Ring of Explosive Shot - 3k Greater Ring of Skewer - 3k Minor Ring of Frostbite - 1k Grand ring of shatter - 8k Greater ring of ript...

Re: supersonic ADs

I had the same problem :cry: tried to do what they said and ask supersonic ads about it OH MY GOD. they make you go thorugh so much just to make a case! Please take a screen shot and copy the offer code and write a support ticket and make sure you fulfilled the offer blah blah blah. I'll pm you too ...

Re: want to change my name

I'm a moderator for another mobile MMO and I can definitely confirm Esquilax' comment here. In the game that I moderate, people do have the ability to change their names by requesting on the forums and getting approved and completed by one of the moderators. It is a huge burden and it overflows us w...

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