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Re: Skills Rework

Crossbow please. We need new weps and new skills I am the crossbow master in PUBG Eyyy another PUBG buddy :D I was never good at crossbows though :lol: But I believe crossbows would be a great addition to the game for Rangers. Just saying. :) Maybe but crossbows are slower than bows to reload so yo...

Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

2 months have passed,, any news on update? We'll be updating soon. We're just waiting for more concrete news! So fingers crossed for good news in next week or three. Can you give us a % on how far the unity update is, I have been asking for nearly 11 months now and it turns out a few months ago it ...

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

I know it's been said a multitude of times. But, VR, if y'all would add a slight more direct elemental dmg to the melee ammies that start slightly higher than the runic ammy and have it scale up and direct heal/dmg bonus to the caster ammies, they'd be highly desirable. I realize the helms are aweso...

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