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Re: Net Worth Count 2019(Furyion)

Romeo wrote:Dude u got over a billion gold in items, that's crazy insane :lol: u show off a lot with it but why not man that's something to be proud of.

What's your goal in the game?

To control the economy and constantly remind people of his virtual wealth.

Re: Bring old Mounts back?

-1 Everytime one of these threads come up I always give the same answer. Bringing stuff back will not solve the root issue and only causes problems for some people for no reason. The main problem is the newer mounts not being as memorable or unique as the older mounts, so it would be much simpler a...

Re: Against the dominance

Astralshift wrote:Want to know what’s unfair? How loot gets passed around in dom servers. That’s why Lugh is irrelevant now.

Most dominant clan servers run DKP which is completely fair and unbiased. Now if it's done by a loot council, then yes, it could be unfair as it could end up in favoritism.

Re: Against the dominance

Every thread on the forums turns into Epona evangelism. But I think there’s an important point related to the original question. What is a clan? Epona has a dominant ‘clan’ exactly like all the other servers. It is a clan alliance - a very open one and a successful one that makes many people happy....

Re: Response to griefing

This is one of those touchy subjects. Griefing I think is to hinder the raid entirely. However buying your clan time to log by locking is just executing a strategy to get the finished kill. It wont be popular to the losing team, but if its to troll and not finish the raid thats another story. If on...

Re: Response to griefing

How is holding a boss griefing though, you lost and if they wipe/reset then you have another opportunity, what you're stating is not griefing until it's locked but if you're messing with the boss that's already been taken then you're definitely in the wrong. ^^^I 100% agree with this, it's differen...

Re: Let's be realistic

There is no “right” way tbh, its all subjective. You find dkp boring, others find it enjoyable and like the grind while also despising a roll based system because they simply hateto depend on luck. Additionally, some people just seek competition and cannot play a server that doesn’t involve any sor...

Re: Harassment at bosses

Griefing using game mechanics is technically fine but extremely rude, using glitches to reset boss and stuff isn't If the intention is to create a hostile gaming environment or disrupt the gaming experience of others, it is against the ToS regardless if players used game mechanics or not. A prime e...

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