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Re: Fix things already

Pretty true :D Happy new year buddy, part reason I can't see myself playing again is the state of rangers. While I still have choice of using either my druid and or ranger, the lack of care given to rangers from devs just makes motivation to wanting to play non existent with me, I'm far more busy n...

Re: Drag0n

I smoked some grak once. I woke up with a 30 hour blackout and was lying naked on the floor in a boggan cave. The walk home wasn't fun I can tells ya.

Re: Old players?

I quickly started a mage, name und. I saw zarral but SwiftKey is bugged, I couldn't type anything. Anyway, I need sleep, sposed to wake up in 1 hour o.o

Re: Old players?

I dont know if I'll play, motivation needs to happen!

And Hi all of my old buddies ;)

Oh, bums me out when I think of here with the rapage of my chars heh, You give some people an inch and they take a mile :o

Re: Ranger class

You can foe somebody by clicking on a username and add them as a foe. You won't see their posts if you genuinely think someone never adds to the forum for you personally. Only took 20 seconds to do this so you won't see Yakat's posts (for example)

Re: What's your (best) heal?

Guess it changed with yuletide. And I've as mentioned, someone deleted the druid so I can't test it now. Too much work to make a new character and get to 50points plus extra +skill rings to equip to see if touch increased like it used to. Strange how a 148 level has that huge touch as I had a few it...

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