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Re: Some memories

Hogana wrote:oh do yall remember those ow harbringer? that thing was weird.

Noticed you play Avabel! :D just started playing that a couple days ago how the heck do you lvl fast in there :?:

Re: iPod 4

Psh I was pretty happy when they had an update for older models but that happiness quickly died. I lagged out in 10 minutes. The only difference is that I was even able to log in at all. I was able to chat a bit to my fellow clannies who I hadnt seen in a long time because of the update but that's a...

Re: Trans vs Kudos

You and all of nitro would say Nitro and Kudos are better than Trans and Ascension (even though it isn't true :lol: ) so don't say anything about me saying the truth (just accept it :lol: :lol: ) now this is not what i wanted to happen before it starts getting bad admin please lock this and I will ...

Re: Trans vs Kudos

XxDiabloxX wrote:Omfg natters its the truth nitro sucks and always will BUT i deal with a bunch of nitros having probs with us dont need to make it more

Your making it more by starting off saying nitro sucks. :roll:

Re: Trans vs Kudos

What the heck are you talking about lmao nitro is always doing ow and stonevale bosses. Some of us camp them, I personally know this beause im in it though I havent been on in a while. And I dont understand why everytime you post its always about a clan vs another clan. Not everything needs to be a...

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