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Re: Noob Moments

I realized yesterday heroic health regeneration elixers didn't increase the maximum total health, we really need another type of health elixers don't you think? There's 2 types of health elixers already. One's included in the Super Combo, haven't you noticed the hp increase while on combo? People r...

Re: King Of The Hill

Bang bang. Shoot em up. I 720 bakflip wallbang 360 no skope Criminal. I then setup a big ass military base around the hill with tanks and helicopters.

Rav now controls the hill.

Re: Few questions on warrior

1. True. However, for gear it depends on demand. I.E. On Lugh, we have an abundance of warriors and rogues, red and purple items are more expensive. 2. Anybody can make a contribution to a clan lol. Again, for gear it depends on the world. 3. DPS warriors can be replaced with rogues or something, bu...

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