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Re: Greetings

sharkweed wrote:Hello everybody it's sharkweed from Arawn here and I just wanted to stop in to say hello, anybody excited for the new update ? I sure am :)

Yes, so ready! I'm really excited about the expanded fishing areas and drop adjustments. I just wish I would be able to ride my little fishing bear!

Re: Giveaway

Very special!
And why are you monitoring a troll post that's over a year old? Are you a special kind of snoopy-Narc?


Training Health Ability

I want to train my Health Ability and I have a few of questions. • Is it just a matter of casting an ability that uses First Aid just as fast and as much as one can? • For the skills like Meditate, and Recuperate, that will cool down in about 30 seconds, but last a few minutes, do I need to wait unt...

Re: Calm: How long does it last.

From Regenleif's Guide to Druid Sabotage: Calm: Calm is a very effective, but very noticeable skill. Basically what it does is drastically reduces the target's aggo, so the boss does not attack them. I find this skill extremely useful for slaughtering DPS characters by casting maxed calm on a tank, ...

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