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Re: Balor Questions

Good trusty old spec on PvP gear is a tough one to beat even at full DPS enemies.so far my biggest challengers in PvP are Micheal XXX and Draakje

Re: strenth or dex

Keep dex at basic, boot up str and Vit only.early levels maybe put for at 30 but remove when get some "OK" energy boosting gear for skills.

Re: Introduce yourself

Are ya well cause your lookin well. lordspector here lvl 161 warrior in balor and 201 on beta.been playing since a few says after CH was released in Android.Work full time and have 2 kids so don't get to play as much as I'd like to.got a youtube channel based around CH - hit up google and search Cel...

Re: Axe or Blunt?

I use blunt all the time 2003/2110 at the moment.its lower DPS than the axe but skills DMG is quite a bit heavier.if your gonnna have a decet amount of energy to be able to pull off heavy skill use its great.I'm pretty much the only high warrior(161) on Balor using blunt right now and love it

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