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Re: Auction House

People have asked for this auction house for a long time, but it has done nothing but abused the economy, created even more alts for scamming, and driven the prices sky high, it takes one person to set the tone for an item price and everyone follows suit, I mean seriously wisdoms are 5k? It's nice ...

Re: Add mount whistles as possible items in event chests - Sign with your mount's name if you agree!

Nylak wrote:
Trying to generate revenue on whistles one plate at a time is like walking around town picking up pennies trying to make a dollar.

Wrong. Its like HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE walking around town picking up pennies. See how quickly that adds up for OTM?

Re: Ice mage tips.

If you are unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars on thousands of sigils, then the mage class is probably not for you. Your energy problems have only just begun.

Re: Fishing

By fishing, do You mean pressing the screen twice, waiting, getting a fish then doing it again? Sounds real fun. Did it twice the other day, then spent more time wondering how in the hell any human being could think, not only that this is fun but this was worthy of a YEAR of programming time. The co...

Re: Fishing

i can't imagine most long term players of CH analyzing fishing and thinking .. Yea.. This was a much better use of time over programming an auction house.

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