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Re: What is coming in 2019

Difinitus had this to say here : We have another update planned in a few months this Spring that includes a new area and quality of life improvements. As well as this here The beta reward will be coming out with the next big update this Spring. We don't have a set date on when that will be, but rig...

What is coming in 2019

Perhaps I have missed it but I would like to know what is coming this year.

Lately I’ve been focused on the abysmal drop rates of anything good. I guess I might be tempted to ignore that if I knew what new and exciting things VR is working on

Re: Godly BT Drops

Good godlies are fake news except on Nuada and Epona. I’ve submitted tons of feedback to VR on this only to be made fun of. The only reason not to improve the loot tables is because there is not any new content coming out in the next 18 months and this is supposed to keep us grinding for the next 5 ...

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