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Re: weight lifting

Godly wrote:
impersonating ? Lol ive never once said i was you and i just made a pvp person as that name chump.

The name is taken and your pvp mage will be a disgrace. Maybe you should change your name to Pussyitz. Its more fitting.

Re: weight lifting

Godly wrote:
Siliske wrote:Damn right I can run 60.

+1 we have found God :lol:

Someone ban this moron for impersonating me. There is only one Critz...and that is me chump.

Re: People of lugh

DJrayElite here. Just wanna say thx to my best friends for helping me and letting me have a enjoyable time in Lugh. And heres a short decription of them. Deadman45, known as DM (the twat) :p Aelahuntress (the sis) Blayze, known to me as blazy (the multi-char man) Luxuria, known as lucky (the guy wh...

Re: bummer

Bye Akbar. No offense, but your quitting because the free rides of lugh are over. I wish you all the best.

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