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Re: Solo lixing in tower

I have been having issues in tower lixing solo due to not having many people in my level aread at the moment. Any build advice? Right now I am stuck at 202 and lixing on the mobs around the summoning chambers mailbox ley. Roght now I run roughly 950 str, 400 dex, and 5.5k hp. 40/40 lh, 40/40 steady,...

Re: To kiddos

It was an accident I already explained that in danu chat. If you guys want I can post a picture of what he said to me and why I invited him to danu chat... I don't think Drax intentially wanted to let xeops into the group. After all he can be quite decieving, I actually thought it was the real Mast...

Re: new ammys

This ammy is very good for dps warriors and rogues but i believe that for rangers the stargem strength ammy is best (i have owned both) being you have to be right next to the target to use the skills and rangers are... Well... ranged.

Re: Some memories

XxDiabloxX wrote:I remember taking a long time to save up 10k for a 5% dragonstaff. And meeting my long friend Ningo when I was like lvl 5. He since quit. ._.

I bought the 40% one :O

Re: An Insight on Class Inequality: Rangers vs. Rogues

Been messing around with warrior lately and they can be a pretty amazing DPS class too... My 50/40 frenzy adds 290 Dmg and 1.7k Attack, so that is the best buff skill in the game........ So for those of you that are like "Well Rangers and rogues are both Dps classes so they should have equal d...

Re: An Insight on Class Inequality: Rangers vs. Rogues

I'm confused. Shouldn't rogues be the highest dps class, maybe equal to mages? Rangers are supposed to be the jack of all trades class.. Why do people expect equal damage from them You obviously didn't read the op... You obviously don't understand class roles Ah haven't seen you trolling around the...

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