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Hello, I will be buying xps at 5k ea and hps at 800g ea!

If u want to sell to me, respond here or mail Cresh, or find me in-game.


Re: Lvling help

So as I soloed, I used a hp and xp lix. I was lucky enough to kill a wise hoof. Even with the xp from that I didn't get .8 on my lix? Where should I be soloing?

Cleaver or sword?

I was wondering which would be better. Cleaver or a sword. I have a cleaver atm (opal) and was wondering if I should get a sword and use meteoric sword. What are your thoughts? I have rupture too. I am lvl 109 and lvl with brother that is a lvl 109 rogue. Ty for any advice!

Lvling help

Hello everyone, I was wondering where I should lvl and get good xp. I have full astral (I use hero boots), and I lvl with my brother that's a rogue. We r both lvl 108. And one more question is how many xps it will take. Ty for any help!

Selling some lux

I'm selling 2 gold blades (fire and magic) 170k each. 1 50dmg helm (fire) 90k. And hero haste gloves for 95k. Pm me here or mail Cresh or Clever.

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