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Re: How can I improve my DPS?

What skills should I use? Currently using frenzy, shatter, pummel, and defensive formation. Shatter, double attack, pummel, frenzy, and all spare point should go into def formation. Oops, I forgot to say that I used double attack :/ I have 8 spare points. Where should they go? Everything maxed out ...

Re: How can I improve my DPS?

Sadly, I don't have full dl. I bought a mordris darkscale helm of champions. What should I replace my 80 damage thing brace with? I have a level 200 str and damage health regen brace. I still have one ringspot left, for my reaper. Here's images of my gear: http://imgur.com/a/rMTwV Note that I'm not ...

How can I improve my DPS?

Hey, I want to know how I can improve my dps on my war. Thanks in advance. Level 190, Warrior Gear: Full Occult, with DL gauntlets and boots Shadowfire spear of Dex Level 180 fire axe offhand Jewelry: Garanak Bladeleaf Necklace Garanak Bladeleaf Charm 80 fire damage brace, to be replaced soon (idk w...

Re: Selling

Antigone Morrigan wrote:I like the " Only " when it was 750k I think in the shop or 1m..

Read the post again. Before you insult someone, make sure you read it correctly.


Selling Level 100 Wyld Sun Ammy, 1.3M! Only taking gold!
IGN - Enderguys3

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