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Account Recovery

I have a few questions about account recovery. When I started the game, I believe June 23rd, 2013, on the server Danu, under the name Thief123, I was a young kid and I believed that someone had hacked my account. Because of this, I legitimately dropped every item I had. If I remember correctly it wa...

Re: Admin?

I'm wondering how this is done.

Did someone make the mistake of trusting client input? Either that or an injection is being done

Re: What did I miss?

Well to my understanding OTM didn’t completely shut down per se, but Virtual Realms (VR) have taken over in the development process. Celtic heroes is VR’s primary game, but there is also a localized version. Regarding new moderators, dunno haven’t seen any I have no clue what you’re talking about :...

What did I miss?

What is this VR, did OTM shut down? Was the torch passed? What does VR stand for? Is it just OTM reformed or renamed? Is VR a different company that handles other games as well? If so, what games? What can we expect differently? Where's Muldar? New moderators and such? Seeing more admins in game aga...


Making a level 1 Druid here, I'm looking for someone to level with. I'll probably go full heal with maybe vines and/or swarm as dps (or roots if you're ranger/mage).

Looking to duo level to EG with someone from level 1. I don't have anything here so I'll be relying on noob gear :p

Re: Chocolate Maclir

this mainly affects lux skill like shinestone focus ammy boost 300 focus for 15 sec,some vit ammy or brace that boost vit goes X amount boost but mainly useless cause u cant fill that boost with out restore and since restore cant be spam and got cool down filling that boost to 100% is kinda impossi...

Re: Looking for a clan to join :o :D

Hey bob, Please inform me what clan you're joining! I have had many run ins with you including bossing and once being in armistice before it kinda died. After you went to resurgence you became the bane of arawn and my entire existence, so please tell me what clan you're joining so I can respectivel...

Re: Main clans on the server?

I'm starting one up for Warden (60-80), meteoric (85-105), frozen (110-135), and dl (150-190) levels. We'll be running it through discord. If you're interested send me a dm... don't plan on doing any edl unless it gets more popular than I think but we should be able to easily take the majority of dl...

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