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Re: Xfer from Lugh to Epona

Haha, great to read aber this stuff! I just came back after an like 5 year long break from the game and found Lugh to be way too inactive... so I also came to Epona!
I hope to meet u there one day my old friend,

your dearest Lichtkrieger, now playing as Geron Eisenauge on Epona

Lichtkriegers shop

Im going to sell 1 Golden Blade of Ice for 170k and 1 Golden Blade of Fire also for 170k and one red Bear which i will take offers for. Since i have to buy new lux items i cant take items instead of cash! If u are intersted mail me ingame!

Luxury items for sale

I sell some luxury items:
Golden amulet of rejuvation only 100k
Golden gloves of haste 75k
Golden Boots of Speed 75k

If u want them Trade with me
Im Lichtkrieger in the Clan PHOENIX lvl 83+

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