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Re: History of Arawn

The history of Arawn is impressive no doubt and it's been amazing being part of it and just like history in real life sometimes things are miss out, deleted or fulse depending on who is writing it. I'd like to point out during the blaze/res days i think around chapter 5? It states I took a necro bow...

Re: A little about

There is no war. Just competition. People don't die on arawn. Competition makes some people upset and shout / do nasty things. But that is the same on all servers and not peculiar to Arawn. Best is to try to get along with everyone but as in real life it is never possible especially with players fr...


- Green Frost guard or green hunter legs

Selling/taking offers:
- Amulet of annihilation
- Full blue frost guard
- White ard with white crest
- White natures mask/ every other color
- Black/turq/yellow/orange/blue ard legs

Mail me in game, thanks

Re: NightLord clan recruitment

HELLO PALS! i m starting a brand new clan on server Arawn . He ll be operational at Monday 1st september from 13 : 00 GMT TO ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN JOINING THIS CLAN PLS APPLY HERE . RULES R THE FOLLOWING: ONLY rogues, ranger,and druids can join the clan for a reason that i ll tell the clannie...

Re: Buying! Make some money!

I vouch for this guy and openly admit i brought a few yellow eggs and an urn from him. Its hard for anyone not in res to find these drops so i was more than happy to buy them although i never expected to have to. i understand for res to stay top of their game they have to stop other clans finishing ...

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