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Re: Go easy on otm...

I'm fairly certain OTM has quite a bit more than 10 people. Not to mention I would imagine your job isn't making video games (maybe it is, idk) like theirs is so that gives the impression they have more knowledge and A LOT more resources with the money they make from plat sales. That being said I fe...

Re: 1m giveaway!

I highly doubt this is serious... Someone could have EASILY just googled morse code and converted it, not hard at all :lol:

Ya took me all of 30 seconds to google it and get a correct translation, no point to this whatsoever

Re: 13th EDL Set is a Mage set

Smelly is free to post these Anyone who doesnt like it, dont open the thread From this point on, anyone posting anything negative or derogative about smelly will recieve a warning Sweet, can I make a crude insulting post and tell everyone to shut up because they didn't have to click it? Since when ...

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