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Re: Elix

HEhe done a lot of leveling while u were gona :)
ILl be ur partner lmao


A lot of this stuff is overpriced, ill take the charm damage one for 30k

4.25-5mill Xfer

Transfering about 4-5 mill in items from taranis to morrigan I will try to sell as much as possible to make it easier for us and/or middleman Looking for trusted players only and middlemans if I smell something fishy Contact me in taranis (not active on forums So mail freetibet in taranis Thanks - :...

Bank of Tibet (Inventory sale)

Fiery axe of triumph 250k +7 event axe 250 Health Elixirs (1k per) Energy Elixirs (1k per) Travel Elixirs (2k per) Full StarDust White Glenmore Fashion with a stardust hat too (Highest Offer) Buying: 150 Strength ammy and 150 Health Bracelet Combos 8k per MAIL ME IN GAME PLEASE FREETIBET BTW IM NOT ...

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