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Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

Stephone wrote:
PrinceLelouch wrote:
Zkills wrote:Epona and Taranis

Please NO!!!
Dont merge Epona and Taranis.
I quit Taranis because of bullying and insulting.

you probably did something wrong to get bullied, and whether you did or not theres still a block button

Lmao talk about blaming the victim, jesus dude

Re: Hello

bob the mage wrote:
Based_Shaft wrote:I need cloud

I feel this need :cry:
I have found cloud!

Re: Clans in Lugh that Dice

As far as my observation, they have failed to kill necro and wiped many times since they started, i believe they got 1-3 hrung kills, they are uncapable of killing mordy, and gele. They killed prot once and its been few months since i believe. No bloodthorn off course, i think they have created 1-2...


I am also buying stuff! I’m looking for an assortment of elixirs, restos and a black Lugh mask! Find me in game my friends! Wow!

Just a neat way of saying BUMP!


Wow! I'm selling these! Charms: Red Aeon Spirit Charm Spooky Spirit Charm Blue Spectral Charm Sparkling Jotun Charm Sparkling Flamebringer Charm Jewelry: Gold Shrink Silver Growth Silver Shrink Golden Rejuv Frostguard: White SB Gloves Red SB Gloves Blue SB Gloves Purple SB Hat Blue Gloves Green Glov...

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