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i mad somenthing

we must save wolf. realy we must. they wil cinde die if we dont

we'll to save them I made a college about them and how we must be cefulle abat what we do to. Them

checoslováquia it plese

by the way I am 9 it was AUTO CORECT! I'm. Sory



i have seen your posts on the forums
and we'll
i feel in love with you by freands
i cinde love. You
more than i love wolf
but i don't cinde love you i actualy realy love you
my baby be mine
we wil sleeped in the grace and look at the stairs
like two lovers so far fraum the hole wauld,


Re: Average age?

I'm 8 SOON 9 xDDD I'm so excited!!!!! I'm going to be up early because tomorrow is my birthday party I won't be able to sleep more SO EXCITED!!!! XD there will be so many people Marga fausto adriano manoli Eric girl Eva mother queal Radha me Marnie bella Jacob i hope my friend Charlotte will be ther...

Re: French

For some reason I've always thought that french speaking people are more friendlier than english speaking ones. I've lived in a french speaking area, and people were generally kinder than the english speaking people where i live right now, come to think of it, it might be because I never understood...


DONALDX199 wrote:I have been hack so for the last week all the **** dat i been psoting was not me posting it


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