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Re: Apostate bracelet

Just dropped on Ros. First one, but also first person to put any effort into it. Want an idea of the rarity, just look at all those drops from farming. https://i.postimg.cc/qRMj3Yh4/18-DD461-E-9-D10-4-E1-B-AF98-421635-BD4-F8-B.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/9XkJDLWH/37-FFC7-C9-1390-495-D-95-CD-C146-FE4669...

Re: Time for new chests? (Maybe bring back lanrik?)

While we wait for....whenever we get the QoL update, heralding the beginning of actual future plans for the game, how about rotating these chests as you’ve started doing. Instead of gaslighting us with vague non-answers, throw us SOMETHING so we don’t have to log into the same ole same ole every day...

Re: Noob question -.-

They were removed long ago after protests from the min/maxers that thought they weren’t any good. There have been people asking to have necro rings returned to the drop table(specifically h2h, but those would be cool too)

Re: Need new chest

Hey there! What kind of fashion sets or novelty items from previous chests would you like to see in the next Mystery Chest? We've seen quite a few suggestion for Lanrik fashion set as well as previous birthday items from years past. Reply and let us know! Vindicator and Mask of Lugh Vindi feels lik...

Weird support request

Probably a no, but I’m gonna ask anyway: Got my og account back up some time back, and all my new toons are farther along. So no plans to use the nub I’m sitting on. Only problem, one toon has a bound item I really don’t want to lose(the fireworks from 2014). Is there any way to have it bound to ano...

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