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Re: Slow but Cheap Leveling?

The build I use in my series rags to riches is effective, and does not use consumables aside from xps, and is also full focus with subpar gear. It works pretty good. Heres a link to the playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8jl8iPnxVg&list=PLI21E7nOrIWaFdO3KegFJowp4tmsjJk1t&index=1 (no...

Re: Question to admins about Beta

I mean thats understandable and I wouldnt say that in my pov id be telling VR how to run their company or their betas but im sure that with you being an old player and being in the betas it would feel a bit trashy not having the opportunity to get into the current beta when in the past otm allowed ...

Re: Where are all the elixirs?

It depends on the world and economic situation. I'm having the opposite problem, I have too many plat items and people can't afford them. The main problem to look at is the merchants in your world, and the plat buyers, and how/if they interact. If a world has a centralized chest salesmen(like me), w...

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