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Re: Any chance the game will ever be less platinum based?

Honestly, I would love to see more plat only items too....but only ones that have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the game. I think some plat-exclusive fashion, or bardings, or even consumables (thinking things that give off cool effects, like the spooky potions, old cupcakes, etc) would be real...

Any chance the game will ever be less platinum based?

As the title says, seems VR is following in otm’s footsteps by already revealing that the new pets will come from chests as well. This is a real bummer. I was hoping that content like these would be more quest based or even may be loot of some kind of event boss. E.g. a halloween event boss and it’s...

Re: The anniversary and double exp

Since bt requires 60+ toons anyway, I don’t see the problem in boosting the levels of the community so all servers get closer to killing it? I think this is actually a balance change that’s needed to get all servers closer to bt. It’s a win-win for everyone. -people spend less time to reach eg so th...

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