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Re: Help decide a clan dispute

Ham and pineapple pizza is the best thing. When you have gammon for tea you put pineapple on it, its basically the same thing but better - because its pizza! I swear this only exists in the UK (which is a travesty) so probably going to fall on deaf ears here. But I totally support all of this. +100...

Re: Gele wand skill

Skill does magic damage, so with magic lure on poison xtals its a nice adition. Otherwise I used to use the skill when I ran out of energy(lol...) or when a boss castes a inpenetrable shield ( like hrung or one of the floor bosses in infernal). You can delay your skills a bit so you can do a big bur...

Re: New chests

Shivahh wrote:
Muldar wrote:
KSGRSulius wrote:Will the new update bring new chests too?

Indeed! Though the chest has yet to be named.

Did someone say chest naming event?
I'm quite sure I heard someone say that :roll:

The ‘lower-chest-prices’ chest?

Re: Rangers

Ranged combat rings aren’t awful, I’d probably use a high tier if I didnt have bow rings available. Not only do the two available rings that add ranged combat (necro and emberdrake) give really nice bonuses alongside the ability points, but ranged combat literally adds so much to all your skills. A...

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