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Re: Bloodthorn bash bashed Nuada

I see a some posts have turned to targeting each other and not the topic. Please refrain from insulting each other and trying to dismiss another's opinion. These discussions are open for all players to participate in. There is a difference between opinion and baseless allegations and assumptions. &...

Re: Bloodthorn bash bashed Nuada

@zkills I don’t appreciate how you claim that only ‘toxic’ players are left in Nuada. The few players still playing in Nuada are very chill. I think it’s rude to talk about people like that without even knowing who you are talking about. Then there seems to be a blame game going on. If you are holdi...

Re: Bloodthorn bash bashed Nuada

Nuada can’t kill mordy so you’re wrong. Not because there’s 19 servers, but because Nuada shot itself in the foot. Refer to what I said previously Yeah players may be inactive or xfer out, but that ties into my previous statements. Shot itself in the foot how? You act like every single player in Nu...

Re: screenshot time

You are a noob soooo :lol: Your signature is wrong... valar dohaeris The only thing i done wrong is Valar, Valar Morghulis is all men must die and valar dohaeris is the accompanying gretting meaning all men must serve.... And you must serve me, so he is right, your sig is wrong. You don’t have my p...

Re: Bloodthorn bash bashed Nuada

Making raid bosses killable with 8 players would never work in an open world MMO lol. Servers like Epona would spank those bosses so hard with their server attempts. Logically thinking, 40 man raids makes much more sense than an 8 man raid would because of the whole open world idea. Why doesn’t it ...

Re: Bloodthorn bash bashed Nuada

No raid besides hrung has died on nuada in 2 weeks :) A good fix to the lack of endgame activity is make all bosses killable with 8 players and then make the bosses respawn x10 faster, this would make people be able to form clans and alliances with smaller friend groups rather than forcing players ...

Re: Bloodthorn bash bashed Nuada

Legislative wrote:merge with donn

That would be an option. I personally believe celtic heroes has too many servers in relation to the size of the player base.

I don’t know the exact state of other servers. As they may not be as dire as Nuada’s, less servers in general would be beneficial for the whole game imo.

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