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Re: Nuada free server

This is seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen in ch so far! Really makes me want to play the game again and try out this system on your server.

I am just wondering how people out of apex are regarded. Are they included in rolls if they help with a raid boss?

Re: Against the dominance

Competition in this game is toxic. Mostly because the winning factor revolves around ‘who can spend the most time and money on a virtual place’ Besides that, most competition in this game is a fed dominant clan vs an underdog clan, often with fewer resources and people. They say they enjoy this kind...

Re: Clans in Lugh that Dice

Hey man i xfered to lugh after hearing about this new dice system thats dicing off seeds and pures, till i came and found out that it was a dom server with garbg clans dicing off hrung gear, im now left off with 2 million gold, 80% mount, just doing nothing on lugh, nearky impossible to xfer back U...

Re: Pegasus

I am not saying Alliance was perfect. It had so many flaws and most criticsm was justified. What I am saying is that pegasus is simply Alliance with a different name tag. Frankly a big part of the same playerbase, the same arrogant mindset and the same flaws. I guess in time you will understand what...

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