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Re: Major issue *read nuadans*

Spilt wrote:
Robert wrote:
Spilt wrote:I already have someone as my apprentice


I think we can all agree king does a better job at healing with Lev 1 bandage wounds than DPS. :0 *

Also naw I got better taste in apprentices :/ it's someone

[*an enemy has been made today]

So you have been unfaithful again :o

New event

It's a shame the previous post ended up in a flame war. I believe the timing of this event is of great importance. Considering that most people ( at least in Nuada) still have holidays until september ish, it would be nice to get the arcane event before the start of september. An event like this see...

Re: Is Lugh Active?

Uhm lol? we grieved? sorry kid you lost me there. He said he never went back but on the screenshot you agreed lmfao thank you for your time, I wish you all the best! Well it’s clear that there was an opportunity to unite the server killing bt which you then wanted to go back on because you felt you...

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