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Re: Why I left anarchy

I remember that ring drama, I was tanking and doing drops. It was my fault i don't remember specifics but i think i thought dylan won the drop for some reason so i gave it to him which led to him equipping it so I'm really the one to blame for that.

Re: Beltane Hype! Share!

Aileron.. it's a helmet meant to use for Training. Different items have different uses. Just because an item excels in one area and is not the greatest in another area doesn't automatically make it a bad item.. You made it out to be a bad item so i was just saying how useful it is. and yea i know wh...

Re: Beltane Hype! Share!

We have a godly explosive helm and it ROCKS for training when i Pull 15 mobs together. Obviously our rangers won't use it on a raid boss or anything geeze i never said that!! I Said it's a good Helmet and it is because it is an EXCELLENT leveling tool if you use it in a Pro way :D :lol: And yeaaaa.....

Re: Beltane Hype! Share!

You are a noob if you think explosive arrow is a bad skill Most ranger skills are bad, if they werent, we wont have tons of ranger skill items rotting in the bank. Perhaps your clan is full of rangers wearing explosive arrow helms, ours doesnt so my perspective is skewed on how useful they are. The...

Re: Spring Giveaway!

Aileron what is your Deal? It is not out of the ordinary at all to say we killed Hrungnir 3 times today.. there was 2 resets and we killed him before both of the resets. VERIFY? you must be joeking... just like your application rules for joining your way too Serious clan. Don't act pro Cheiftan, you...

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