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Re: Proposal

I would much prefer a re-balance of the mobs/bosses instead to be perfectly honest, and for goodness sake re-add the wisps, they helped provide the magical feel to Stonevale that I felt made it flourish the way it did.

Server health

So its been a little bit since my last login due to the "Account Conflict" issue(s); just how many people actively still play on Belenus at this stage? I'm genuinely curious.

Re: Support?

I've been waiting for a fair while as well; haven't been able to get the Reset Password function to work despite knowing exactly my email and username. Keeps telling me it is incorrect which doesn't make any plausible sense.

Re: Account Conflict PW

Hey Muldar, thanks for the assistance; I still have not been able to login and the "Reset Password" function simply isn't working. Keeps giving me the response of "Username or Email Incorrect" which I know isn't the case. Anything else that can be done on that end? I have sent in...

Account Conflict PW

Ever since the cross-platform update, I have been unable to login due to the "Account Conflict PW" issue. "Account name is conflicted, change required." Is the message I always receive no matter what I try to do to get a positive result. My username is [REMOVED] on both IOS and A...

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