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Re: Which rings should I use?

This post is about rings, guys! :) let's keep it like that. As for your advice, I usually don't use firestorm beyond the level cap, I can't keep up with the energy consumption. I'm thinking fire bolt, fire attune, energy boost and Emberdrake ring, any thoughts on that? Bearing in mind I only have 80...

Which rings should I use?

I'm having trouble deciding which rings to use... Some input would be appreciated :D The rings I have are as follows: Grand Fire Bolt (+4) Grand Firestorm (+4) Grand Fire Attunement (+4) Grand Assassins Lure (+4) Royal Energy Boost (+5) Ring of Spirits (lv100 lux, +40 energy, +10 energy regen) Grand...

Is it worth coming back?

For those who might remember me, I quit the game a few months back due to lack of content. Now that the new engine and event have been released, tell me; is it worth coming back to the game? I'm only lv 120, and I level quite slowly. Thanks to anyone who does remember who I am :)

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