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Re: Hi

dont mean to break your dreams of your 5k gold but, youll need more than that (1mill)


Just wondering how everyone is doing. Been like what 5 Months

Re: Spaceinvader is not gone!!

Harsh words people of Celtic Heroes. Anyways hope you come back soon spaceinvader :P although i dont know you its nice to have another veteran come back to Celtic Heroes. I also hope a bunch of old veterans come back this SUMMER!

Re: About Balor

Brings back memorys lol look how noobish i was My thoughts exactly. Anyway, nice screenshots, everyone should take screenies more often so years from now whether we're still playing or not- we can look back at these fun times. Thanks and credits for Esquilax for posting them for me! I have more to ...

New Boss Please

I know this should be in the suggestion topic area, but i got lazy...
Celtic Heroes should create a 2 headed dragon or 3 headed hydra boss. Make something unique and a long quest :D

About Balor

Hey guys its me Piggy. There's been a lot of change since a few of us have left Balor during the summer. So correct my mistakes if i'm wrong, as well as adding on! On Balor, the castle may seem empty because your probably on when its too early or too late! Plus people play this game on different tim...

Re: Hello Veterans

I'm not going to argue with you..if you don't get it, if you can't see the obvious, can't help ya. I remember pigslayer. I remember the early clans. we had competition, we had rivalries, we had purpose other then leveling, we had areas full of people. it's a ghost town now in alot of cases. the eve...

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