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Re: fastest leveling

If you go in a completely insane, non-stop, levelling frenzy, you might end up at in the 70s. Just a guess though. I did this with my rogue from 1-50. Buying platinum would make life a little easier. Good luck!

Re: Fire or Ice?

1. Fire is more bearable imo. It has better dps in longer fights and I'd say it's better for leveling. MY OPINION
2. Both
3. Shield

Need help choosing

The device I use to play has broken, thus I need a temporary one so I can save for a new one in the meantime. I just wanted to know if the iPhone 4 works well with Celtic Heroes. Does it work well with lixing? Does it work well with bossing? Thanks!!! :D :D :D

Getting Endgame without plat

Ok, so I'm a level 161 mage and I found it hard enough to get here without plat. My goal is endgame, but I don't buy plat and don't intend to. Is it possible to get there without plat? I have 30 XP elixers right now and the best that is going to do for me is get me 3 levels. Give me your opinions. T...

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