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Hey guys, been quite a while but how have the people of danu been?

Re: What made you choose your name?

xxFireMercxx wrote:Well I chose Merc cus my Clan in KaW (Mercs Legion) so him being a Ranger i named him XxArrowMercxX and for Demeter the god of Farm and Druids use nature magic.

i remember playing KaW :lol: i might try and get back into it my ign on there is LIFE_Phoenix_LIFE

Kinda wanna come back

So i quit a while back but i kinda wanna come back and just play casually and just help lower lv clans and stuff but idk what world to play on. i wont be buying any plat. i played on danu but ill play on any world. Any feedback on a server or class to play is welcome.

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