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Re: Just leaving that right here.

@SecretBuyer, i dont like Havoc so i love telling the truth bout m' i dont like AchillezX for some reason plus i started this song lyrics for reason :), friendly way to explain cys something. let me in avalon behaviour :D, sorry man that clan is for 190+ im 185 :)) will need some lvls n' apply like...

Re: Just leaving that right here.

Kendrill wrote:Don't know much about a science book. But I do know one and one is two. And if this girl could be with you what a wonderful world this would be!

Nty I wouldn't change my girl for you so yea⊙︿⊙, shes hot. And young but you are uhmm idk ...(T▽T)

Re: Warrior dex

kurabara wrote:Okay then, your build "rocks"! But don't call others noobish because they decided to do the same build that others does. ;)

Quiet peasant, you mean "others do" right?

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