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Re: that is *******

There are 8 possible coppinger spawns 1 will drop one met item and the main drops 3. There are 15 posible met drops from coppinger. The odds of getting a spawn that drops and then getting the drop you want is very slim.

Happy camping

Re: Silverweb Charms

A lot more skills for all classes would be nice. So long as they are all of comparable quality. Mix up the variety of builds and encourage complementary builds across different toons of the same class

Re: This 12 days of Christmas is recking the servers

Some of my clannies on crom said they aren't even seeing any gifts in the special offers page? Any of u guys havin same probs? on 3 of my accounts the offers buttong was not glowing to say i have a special offer but if i press on it, it still showed the gift and that i could purchase it. Is that wh...

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