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Re: Lets make Epona 2

Zkills, how can you say “ A 100% open world game needs 100% freedom in order to be successful and grow” then ask the developers to restrict the way we choose to play by forcing us all to adopt the methods you?? How can you say “it’s not about preferences” but my preference is what’s best for the gam...

Re: New event

The first time this event was run. Necro (6hrs), Prot (4hrs), and gele (12hrs) were included. Would be great if you guys could add these as well! Back then as a part of the non dominant clan we were able to sneak in some mords, necros and even a Prot, while the dom clan was attacking gele or one of ...

Re: Scammer in mabon

This guy with the brown beard is very dangerous. I dont know about you guys but to me he is probably the best tactical scammer ive met. He seems very very genuine as when he tried to scam me had this SUPER TRUSTWORTHY speech and attitude and i understand that many low lvls who pay plat may easily ge...

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