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Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

This is a great way to kill the game. Differences between dominant and non dominant clans will increase. Catching up or competeing will be near to impossible. With no competition-for dominant clans and no way to develop -for non dominant - the game soon becomes boring. Result: people quit.

Re: Thank you Muldar

ShadowKnight wrote:From what I've heard, muldar is no longer with otm. So in the event that is the case I hope he glances by the forum.

I wanna thank you muldar for all u have done for this community for these past years. You have done an excellent job and I sincerely hope everything works out for u.


Re: What Happened To Avalon

I doubt that havoc is helping Avalon at a boss lol they hate you guys so I'm sure they won't bother helping you. Tulla stops pretending to be a judge ur **** at it like really lol used havoc took gear and joined a dead clan that won't be what it was ever. Darkshitty please stop acting like you know...

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