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Re: Direct dmg to sharpshot

It's just damage fluctuation. That's why it doesn't stay consistent despite hitting a mob with 0 resistance. Fluctuations range between 60 and 100% of maximum damage. 50%-100% 1 word: Fluctuation 50-100% like crim said. It's 60-100%. This was also proven in a video done by Furyion a little while ago.

Re: Godly BT Drops

i still fail to understand why drops like that are even in the tables. Figured after all the useless hrung skulls and mord braces things would have changed. Its a real hit below the belt when a godly e harvest drops They are filler drops included to pad out loot tables and make the stuff you actual...

Re: Flawless stones and xtals

Yes. They are supposed to be difficult to get. It's the way the questline was designed. It's supposed to discourage you from trying to get them. If you farm the 4 heliant spawns religiously (as in, literally keep them all dead 24/7) and kill every 6 star that spawns, you should be able to acquire a ...

Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

Wyrm pet (or mount, concept should work for either) designed based on the lizard-like wyrms that spawn near Mordris. Stats could include a mixture of everything, but way less than a dragon's total stats. So top tier - 45/45/45/45 strength, dexterity, focus, vitality (180 total, for consistency). Plu...

Re: Spirit Pets?

Lux shop mounts were exclusive seasonal content and not intended to become permanent... Let's not expand on the failing Aeon culture any more than OTM already has... As for spirit pets, this is something I've been contemplating for a while myself. I would only be in favor if the upgrade from T6 to T...

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