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Re: Quick Questiom to Skilled Warrior

SmartOne96 wrote:Protective stance increases armor. Having more armor causes you to take less damage. Def Form increases your defense. Defense helps you to dodge enemy auto attacks. Unless you are needed to tank a boss (you are in a full tank build), I would say just use protective stance.


Re: Engine?

Not sure about your question, but I think they released Beltane before Unity because people were complaining that it is way past Yule now. :) The event i good but since I have played on andriod the event would be much better with it but I was wondering if they would add engine sometime during event...


OTM's first plans as u guys said was that Yule would be last event on the current engine, with that being said it has been pushed back and I was wondering if it will be released during the event or after?

Re: chests

Dark wrote:I got 2mill gold and 4k plat :)

Not many people believe that unless u show a pic lol but i doubt u got that

2 things

First I want to thank OTM for working hard to better the game for us players and especially thank support team for all the stuff they do (refunds which I often ask for) and second, a question. I have seen in a video from new engine that shows different faces and hairstyles and I was wondering if pla...

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