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Re: Online Rankings

MisterWiskers wrote:Servers crashed recently on Herne and then came back up.
When I logged again the rankings where back up, so I guess the fixed it :)

Reboots would fix more problems and give us more bosses : )

Re: 140 strenght/leveling build help

Switch to 200 STR 200 DEX 300 VIT (any leftover from now on in DEX) Sharp Shot - max Double Shot - 10 above lvl Rapid Shot - max if possible Bolas - 10 above level Light Heal - max Tried and true build, great with or without pots, and no range restrictions. You will be killing boggans for 20-25 more...

Re: Limited Time Giveaway!

Id like to take a stab at this summary of some of the comments. Comment: "The giveaway was dumb" Argument: "Be happy with any giveaway because they don't have to give you anything" My opinion: The giveaway was likely some ploy to generate log-ins for this specific day of low acti...

Re: Non-plat buying

I am a lvl 162 Ranger, I spent $20 on plat back in November '13, it was quickly squandered. I know that this disqualifies me from from the "plat-free" club, but if it is any consolation, the $20 was a itunes giftcard I received as a gift : )

Re: money farmer

People do this often, I would imagine a farmer closer to lvl 100 would be able to earn their cost of gear back quicker. However, the server will time you out after 10 minutes or so, so it would require the occasional screen tap. In my experience, I find this to be just as effective as using my main ...

Re: Fan fiction Competition

Dunskeig Sewers By Landarin of ThePillars (Taranis) Hidden along the wall of a large cistern, Landarin hoped the flames were shaded from view and the tendrils of smoke lost in the expansive ceiling above. Tired eyes poured over the dancing flames of the small cook fire burning behind a pile of rubbl...

Re: Lvl 140 Solo lvl build

Lol defensive spikes is a waste of points... This is a very untrue statement. If you are leveling on haste lixes, drop your skills and use your buffs. If your autos are the primary source of damage, don't waste time casting skills, use fast(er) casting buffs. I will readily admit that this does not...

Re: stumped

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about this as well. Not having many sigils, I rely on my regen from my earth ammy and 150 quiver. Also, the 200 stat points would be nice additions.

Let us know what you think if/when you are able to get a set!

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