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Re: The Real Fingal’s Cave

Eragon123 wrote:That's really cool!

Mind wrote:Oh neat!
...where are the pirates?

I think you might be a few centuries too late to see pirates there.

i think you made "Mind" sad now, knowing that his favorate celtic heroes characters are not here

Re: An invitation

please dont call me necroposter, because this was at the very top of the page already, but ok thx

also we are allied to toxic? never knew that... always thought toxic was full of wannabes

Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Hey guys, this is Vis, I just started playing sulis, looking for a fresh start in a new server. I’m already amazed At seeing how friendly are the people in here (Giovanni my italian brother and Laplace, I love them already), especially compared to lugh, server where I’m coming from and I want to th...

Appfan3's 2020 Introduction :)

Appfan3's 2020 Introduction First of all, Happy new years to everyone around the world. Lets go into 2020 strong huh?. :) Hello, I made many introductions throughout my time here, I plan to make one every year. Anyways i'm Appfan3, and i'm a human being that is 18. I live in the United States. And ...

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